About us


We are a “graystone unlimited”, the Ukrainian team of experienced specialists in the area of marketing, promotion of brands, companies and public figures (graystone.com.ua)

Since February 24, 2022 Ukraine has been fighting for its independence against Russian aggression, sacrificing thousands of lives of soldiers and civilians.

We couldn’t stand by when our homeland was threatened and we focused our energies on what we do best – networking.

This project was created to facilitate an effective format that all people concerned, both in Ukraine and other countries around the world, could support Ukraine and its peope providing any possible assistance to help. For your convenience, we have arranged the official funds available by different categories. Thus, you can navigate to select a particular area to donate you find most critical or important.

Ukraine highly appreciates the tremendous support of the world community and is grateful for all your efforts and solidarity with Ukrainians in these terrible days.

Together we will definitely win!